40-year-old rare paintings at this art do

A series of rare, vintage paintings were displayed for the first time in India at the recently held art show in the capital by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.

Around four decade old paintings, drawings and other artworks were showcased in the exhibition titled 'Crossings' that defined the paradox of permanence and transience with the passage of time.

A  connoisseur  and  an  art  collector,  Kiran  Nadar's motive  behind  sourcing  the  age old  and  unseen artefacts was to make people aware and appreciate art in all its splendour. Says Kiran Nadar, "India is still far from achieving the status of an 'art hub' and this is an initiative to achieve the same. There is definitely an interest that seems to be growing but somewhere the sensibilities have not matured and there is less of an involvement with art."


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012