Keeping in sync with the KNMA’s aim of making the museum space not just a repository of valuable works of art but also a space for convergence of ideas and thoughts, the museum organizes several stimulating and highly engaging workshops for children and adults. These participatory sessions are thought provoking and stir the imagination of the participants through quirky and exciting teaching methods. They also provide a channel to let them express their creative urges through their art pieces. KNMA upholds the belief that such museum visits and invigorating platforms should be the counterparts to school curriculum as they help shape the curious mind of the children in their formative years and instill a sense of wonder through these tangible workshops. For adults, these programs provide them an alternate way of thinking and understanding their surroundings which may be miles apart from the normalcy of everyday life. Through these sessions the participants also get to explore the museum space differently in context of the artworks on display.

  • Children and Adults participate in a workshop held at KNMA Noida - 2015
  • Children from an NGO interacting with Pooja Iranna 'Another New Beginning' - 2012
  • Children from Tara Children's Home interacting with Dayanita Singh's work 'The Silver Set' - 2012
  • Children with their works after participating in Summer Workshop - 2015
  • Children pose with the artworks they created in a workshop held by the Museum - 2015
  • Cool Summer workshop with KNMA - 2015
  • Exchange students from Germany
  • Friends and Family Day at the Museum - 2012
  • Residents from Epoch participating in a workshop in 2012