• Hema Upadhyay8’ x 12’2009

    Aluminum Sheets, Car Scrap, Enamel Paint, Plastic Sheets, Found Objects, M-seal, Resin and Hardware Material

  • L N Tallur"Veni, Vidi, Vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered)2013

    Mangalore Terracotta Roof Tiles, Clay Figures and Iron Trusses

  • Manisha ParekhMurmur2011

    Jute Rope on Coloured Wall

  • Noemie Goudal Observatoire IV2014

    Lightjet Print

  • Natraj SharmaConstructs2008- 2015

    Cast & Welded Mild Steel

  • Syed Haider RazaCarcassone 1951

    Oil on Paper Board

  • Tushar JoagEnlightening Army of the Empire2008

    Installation Comprising 8 Figures, Perspex, Plastic, Brass, Mild Steel, Wood, Electric Bulbs, Wire and Mixed Media