• 12Trash Series 2008

    Bed Ward 03

  • 15Heights of Macchu Picchu series_1972

    hand depths

  • Boatvideo_ 1994

    Kalamkhush handmade paper, steel, wood

  • Carrier_04
  • Engine OilEngine oil and charcoal on paper_1991

    Oil Slick I

  • Insurrection1946
  • LN Shifting the Elements IICharcoal and photographs on paper_1988
  • Master Plan
  • Painting851983-85

    ten foot beam_Oil on canvas

  • Riverscape1992

    A River Carries its past_ Engine oil and burn marks on Kalamkhush handmade paper, oil and water in zinc trays

  • safder and moloyashree891989

    Oil on canvas

  • salt of highways1972

    Machu Picchu series

  • Stains

    Iron 28 x 35 inch copy

  • Bad_Drawings